The Australian government recently announced stage 1 of their quarantine plan too contain COVID-19. Many schools have already been preparing for the event of a closure, ITdynamics has been busy preparing to ensure that your school community can continue to operate and that there is minimal disruption to student learning.

Staff from schools currently partnered with ITdynamics, will be able to call the service desk number on 63654180, or log a ticket on our portal or email

The ITdynamics team is spread across 3 locations around Western Australia which will minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading through the support team. Our team members also have the capability of answering calls from home in the event our office is closed. If your school is closed, your schools’ resource will be reassigned to service tickets logged by your school staff and will be actioned via remote access.

Below is a list of items we will be able to assist with, however, we are not limited to just these and would be happy to provide support with other IT issues where possible:

1: Assisting in connecting their device from home. Provided certain criteria have been met such as contacting their Internet Service Provider first and having available passwords to their home wireless available.

2: Assisting with “forgot your password” and 2-factor authentication issues.

3: Providing support for Microsoft products such as SharePoint, One Drive, Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more.

4: Providing support with emails.

5: All student-related issues should be ticketed through the classroom teacher. The ticket should include appropriate contact details for the student’s parent so that an ITdynamics team member can contact them. For student support, we encourage you to log jobs through our support portal

Please forward this email onto all relevant staff. If you have any questions please respond to this email or call 63654180.