A Better way in SharePoint

Most of you are familiar with SharePoint, and I’m sure most of you have your thoughts on how well it works for you.

A lot of the pain has come from the way files are accessed when they are saved on SharePoint. The majority of people are currently either accessing them through teams or accessing them via the SharePoint website and then opening the documents up in word online. The downside to this is that accessing the documents takes a little longer and you need an internet connection to do it.

Now introducing a better way

Since the release of Windows 10 (version 1803 and above) and MacOS Mojave the OneDrive sync tools (the program which automatically syncs your documents to and from SharePoint and your personal OneDrive) has a new feature called OneDrive on Demand.

What this feature does is allows you to synchronize all your files and folders in both OneDrive and SharePoint to your local computer without it “clogging” up your computer’s memory / space with files you don’t need. It does this by creating a list of all the files in SharePoint as an index and only downloads a copy of a file once you go to open it “on demand”. This way you have a local copy of all the files you access on a regular basis but still have an index of all the files which other people have stored in SharePoint. This greatly decreases the amount of space OneDrive would use up on your computer.