Remote management allows ITdynamics to monitor your computer systems on a 24/7 basis.

We monitor your business to have further insight into how your system is operating throughout the work day. This insight allows us to proactively respond to issues within a faster time frame. This is done by the software’s monitoring capabilities, that alert our staff of critical issues needing to be addressed before they impact your business.

In addition, to monitoring your infrastructure we can also add on licenses for Anti-Virus and managed backups. With managed backups we can store your data offsite while keeping a watchful eye on the integrity of your backups to ensure you always have a current and safe backup of your data.

Our monitoring system is setup to oversee your infrastructure 24/7 with a check in every 5 minutes. It will alert you and us in following situations:

  • Power outage or connection loss.
  • Critical hardware issues that will prevent the server from operating efficiently.
  • Backups that are skipped or do not execute properly.
  • When antivirus alerts are triggered.
  • Any updates or software installations that need to occur.
  • Slow server performance and over utilised resources.
  • Any unathorised access to the server (people logging on other than us or your designated IT contact).